The zombie is the most basic, and least threatening zombie in Undead Assault Chronicles. They are very common, spawn in larger groups, and can be killed easily with any weapon. Getting killed by Zombies is usually related to players not looking at their screen for longer than twenty seconds or receiving injuries from them.

Engagement & Tactics

While the Zombie is merely a threat, they cause the most harm to players by swarming or flanking them, preventing movement. This can be prevented with Rifle Butt, a well-timed jump, or a premeditated frag grenade or MGL. Generally, using abilities or explosives on Zombies is a considerable waste of energy, ammunition, and cool-down so they should only be used on Zombies when the situation demands it. Players using life-reducing Skill Identifiers should take the Zombie's reanimation ability into consideration while moving over Zombies that have been killed within the past 10 seconds to prevent that possibility of taking damage or receiving an injury.