The Wraith is one of the strongest Tier-3 zombies. It has higher health and damage than others while being invisible until it attacks. Upon attacking, the wraith reveals itself while gaining movement speed and damage for the duration it is revealed. It can quickly kill soldiers that do not have back up. Wraiths may also hatch from a Larva Cocoon that a parasite has morphed into.

Engagement & Tactics

Because of the wraiths high health and damage, it is almost imperative for soldiers to keep their distance from these. Without detection, this can be very difficult for the wraith is initially invisible and will only reveal itself when it attacks, which boosts its movement speed and damage even more, making ambushes on soldiers without detection quite lethal. Fighting wraiths without back up is very risky because of its abilities, so retreating to allies is often the best solution when they are getting near you. If the Squad Designated Marksman manages to spot one of these from a distance, it should target it before it gets closer to the squad. The Wraith is an extreme threat to anyone carrying the Specimen on the Tranquilize Zombie mission because the specimen will reduce their movement speed enough to allow wraiths to catch up to and hit them which will further boost their attack and move speed, making the runner(even a ghost, the wraith is also a detector) a very easy target for the Wraith. If you are under pursuit by a wraith while carrying the specimen, and you are not confident in your ability to handle the wraith, you should drop the specimen and seek assistance from allies as soon as possible, then finish the mission when the problem is remedied.