Undead Assault Chronicles

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These Pages are to help you and your team to overcome the challenges of the game and difficulty that Undead Assault Chronicles has to offer you. These Pages will cover all needed information from MOS and their skill builds and SI choices, item distribution and of course a detailed walkthrough of all missions in the game.

This is by no means a guide to 100% success. You will need a lot of dedication and above average skills in controlling your character and decision making to succeed. But even the best Soldier is lost if his squad is not working together and communicating as a team.

Good Luck out there soldier, dismissed.  



Undead Assault Chronicles is an Arcade game in Starcraft II made by:

Main Developers: Xempest , Doom , RPS ,

Asset Developers: BlazeKaizer , ModTassadar

Story Writing Developers: Legeld, Stereo

UAC is the successor of UA3 made by illidan92.

illidan92 dropped the development of UA3 because of personal reasons and gave the Source-code to the community. UAC is a fork of that.
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It is essential that you learn the HotKeys/Additional Actions Menu/Basic Commands for the game to survive the zombie outbreaks and maybe the UAC Commonly Used Abbreviations

In the standard Game Modes , the players take on the role of a group of soldiers sent into an area devastated by a zombie outbreak. They must scavenge for Items and kill enemy Zombies while Helping the Local Nationals to gain levels for unlocking and improving their abilities, while proceeding alongside the advancing storyline which will challenge them with Missions. Successfully completing Missions will give each player experience to unlock Ranks , Skill Identifiers , and Military Occupational Specialties. In some situations, you might find yourself encountering Private Military Corporation aka: PMC that may or may not be so keen on your presence in the area. Perform well, and you can earn Achievements for bragging rights or unlock Decals and Camouflage patterns for customizing your soldier's appearance in future games!