General Abbreviations

UAC = Undead Assault Chronicles

MOS = Class also   Military Occupational Specialties

Mini = A mini version of the MOS class can hold only 3 items and PL's are usually the only MOS that gets them  (more to explained on this later)  Replacement Soldier you get after dieing

LN = Local Nationals

PMC = Private Military Corporation  that have full MOS capabilities and come packing with tanks and thors and ghosts and nukes u name it

FT = Fire Teams (Squads)  Very Important  Allows squadmates to share some vision

Nader = grenade

CD = Cooldown

TK = team kill, killing players

Kite ­  Run in circles so the zombie don't hit you, but your team can shoot them

Druggie ­ Augmentation Medic

rez / rev  ­  Combat Medics revive Skills

DPS = Ratio between damage and attacks per second. (Damage*(1/Weapon Speed))

Item Abbreviations

AA = Aim Assistant

AP =  AP Rounds

DU = DU Rounds

PA = Projectile Accelerator

Kine = Kinetic Integrator


SG,gen = Shield Generator

AM = Ammo Box/Case

Meds/FAK = First Aid Kits

MR, mus = Muscle Relaxant

Flash = Flashlight

Bino = Binoculars

40s ­  40mm Ammunition for MAR M5 or MGL

qc ­  Quick Clot

ac ­  Ammo Case

ec ­  Energy Cell

charge/echarge Explosive charge

MOSes Abbreviations

PL = Platoon Leader

AR = Automatic Rifleman

SDM ­  Squad Designated Marksman MOS

JG = Javelin Gunner


CE = Combat Engineer

FSS = Fire Support Specialist

HG = Heavy Gunner

Roflman/rofl = Rifleman MOS

Mando ­ Commando MOS

med / medic ­  Combat Medic MOS

Borg ­  Cyborg MOS

CS ­  Cavalry Scout MOS

FSS ­  Fire Support Specialist MOS

OSS ­ Orbital Support Specialist MOS

Enf ­  Enforcer MOS

LE ­ Laser Enforcer MOS

Zombie Abbreviations

Arach/scorp ­  Arachnid Zombie Boss

Garg ­  Gargantuan Zombie Boss or Gargoyle (Flying Zombie)

Immu ­  Immusilus (Flying Zombie)

Grot ­  Grotesque Zombie Boss

Cacu ­     Cacuman Zombie Boss

Rais ­  Raisuli, Tanky Ranged Zombie