Swollen are larger versions of the boomer that cause much more harm to targets it explodes on. Its death explosion radius is higher, making it more common for Swollen to set off explosive charges compared to boomers. They tend to spawn in small to moderate sized groups.

Engagement & Tactics

Extra caution should be taken when killing swollen, for their acid splash and poison ailments can lead to deadly after-effects. If two swollen are killed near items, the items will be destroyed. It is highly recommended to keep a fair distance from swollen when attacking them. If you are killed by swollen, there is a fair chance that more swollen will be exploding nearby and this may destroy the items that were dropped from your inventory on death. Acid Explosion will also affect nearby zombies, so targeting swollen when they are next to other tier-3 zombies can damage or kill them if enough swollen are killed near them.