Scouting / Invis

This build focuses on the invisibility and your ability to do missions for the team.


4x Scouting Skills, 4x Spectre Skills, after that a point in Special Rounds for some more self defense, or 1x MM + AS Skills for more Damage through crits


  • SY, SI - for health regen

  • TT, LA - for Movespeed

  • MA, VT for Damage


Max Crit - Aggressive scout

The goal is to max assassin skills and crit asap. Result is 22.5% crit chance (25% with BL aura), with crits scoring in the 3-4k.


(1 special rounds), crit 1, ss1, as 2, alternate crit and as until both are maxed.


  • IS+BL if no one picks it

  • VT if you plan on camping at base and not do mission.

  • A combination of PH, PA, LA despite being “scout” SIs allow you to effectively do missions while keeping to this “single-target dps” build.


  • aa+ap/du considerably boosts your dps, though ARs, Riflemen and SDM will probably have the first picks on these items. Bino and/or flares is advised to make use of your huge range.

  • Whether you’re a VT camper or a mission guy, kev is always a welcome addition.