SI Hud

The skill identifier button on the button panel.

Skill Identifiers are Talents that can be selected a the start of a game to enhance your MOS in a certain aspect. Compared to UA3, SIs have been switched around, and remade, and created out of thin air, and some were changed around.

Skill Identifier Overview

XP requirements will progress as Enlisted/Warrant/Commissioned. A 0 denotes the SI cannot be unlocked, a 1 means it is unlocked immediately

Name of SI Enlisted Xp Warrant XP Commissioned XP
Synthesis 600 1 1
Tough as Nails 2000 1 1
Quick Thinking 3100 1 1
Energetic 4200 1 1
Hawkeye 8000 1500 1800
Always Ready 13500 5000 0
Twinkle Toes 20000 15000 0
Pure Blood 16000 12000 13000
Intellectual 0 4000 8000
Born to Lead 0 0 15000
Barbaric 25000 12000 19000
Instructor 0 0 45000
Impatient 50000 35000 40000
Parachute 26500 20000 20000
Power User 0 11000 0
Whiz Kid 15000 6000 14000
Reactive Armor 0 34000 35000
Lucky 125000 100000 0
Blood Lust 95000 0 95000
Veteran 170000 120000 130000
Light Armor 50000 50000 50000
Heavy Armor 20000 20000 20000
Combat Load 90000 80000 85000
Marksman 75000 60000 0
Siphon 67500 35000 48000
Battle Buddy Beat Epilogue Beat Epilogue Beat Epilogue

MOS Si's Effects


+.1 health and energy regeneration. Effect doubles if you are SMA, CW5, or GEN rank. Effect Triples if you are CMA3, MW5, or GOA rank.

Tough As Nails

Adds 5 to fitness.

Quick Thinking

Reduces reload and unjam time by 25%.


Increases energy regeneration by .5/s.

Hawk Eye

Increases weapon range by 2 and adds 15 range invisible detection.

Always Ready

Start at level 3, begin with quik clot, smoke grenades, flares, and an ammo case.

Twinkle Toes

Increases movement speed by .06.

Pure Blood

Prevents you from getting infected bite, parasitic infection, and unidentified infection.


Adds 5 to mechanical skills.

Born to Lead

(Aura) Adds 5% bonus bullet and explosive damage.


Start with rifle butt unlocked.


(Aura) Adds 6% attack speed, .03ms, and improves reload/unjam time by 20%.


Makes all abilities cooldown 15% faster.


Makes jumping safe from any height.

Power User

Start with energy cells, and improves energy cell efficiency by 50%.

Whiz Kid

Increases damage with explosives by 20%,  IFS explosives do not count.

Reactive Armor

Have a 33% chance to reduce damage by 40% if damage taken is 150 or more.


Periodically have a substantially increased chance to land critical hits.

Blood LusT

Kills increase damage dealt by 1.5% for 8 seconds. Buff stacks up to 30% bonus damage.


Reduces life by 70%, increases damage 50% and .05ms.

Light Armor

Reduces life by 25%, but increases MS by .1.

Heavy Armor

Increases life by 30%, but reduces MS by .1.

Combat Load

Increases maximum mag capacity and prevents jamming. Mag increase varies MOS to MOS. Flamethrower MOS: can carry 3000 fuel without being encumbered.  Automatic Rifleman or Heavy Gunner MOS: can carry 25 mags without being encumbered.


Adds 5 to dexterity.


Siphons .75 energy/sec to regenerate 1.5 health/sec.

Battle Buddy

Opens up a menu to select a mini of your choice

MOS Specific SI's


[Rifleman] Improves Frag Grenade/MGL and Rifleman Skills.

  • Increases Frag Grenade, Ground Flare, Improved Ground Flare and Improved Smoke Grenade range by 4
  • Reduces Frag Grenade and MGL cooldown by 5
  • Reduces Frag Grenade and MGL energy by 15
  • Reduces Ground Flare cooldown 40
  • Reduces Smoke Grenade cooldown by 20
  • Increases Smoke Grenade range by 3
  • Reduces Improved Ground Flare cooldown by 10
  • Reduces Improved Smoke Grenade cooldown by 7
  • Increases MGL range by 7.5

Blood in Blood Out

[Combat Medic] Improves Blood Transfusion and Nano-Injection.

  • Blood Transfusion and Improved Blood Transfusion gain 2 charges
  • Blood Transfusion and Improved Blood Transfusion cooldown reduced to 5
  • Blood Transfusion and Improved Blood Transfusion charge cooldown match the old versions cooldown
  • Nano Injection Heal increased by 50
  • Improved Nano Injection Heal increased by 150
Heavy Weapons Training

[Automatic Rifleman] Increases your training with heavy weapons, gives more movespeed, range, reload/unjam time reduction, and less friendly fire.

  • Increases movement speed by 0.0507
  • Increases weapon range by 4
  • Reduces damage to heroic and local national units by 20%
  • Reduces reload time by 30%


[Flamethrower] Improves Plasma Shield and Graviton Charge.

  • Plasma Shield shield increased by 400
  • Plasma Shield duration increased by 5
  • Gravitron Charge gains 2 charges
  • Gravitron Charge cooldown reduced to 5
  • Gravitron Charge charge cooldown match Gravitron Charge old cooldown

[Enforcer] Improves Blast Shield and Aura of Valor.

  • Increases Aura of Valor life armor bonus by 3
  • Reduces damage taken by 10%
  • Blast Shield damage reduction increased by 12%

STeel Saber

[Cav Scout] Adds damage, range, and suppresses weapon.

  • Carbine is replaced with Steel Saber Carbine
  • Increases weapon range by 2
  • Increases weapon damage by 4
  • Increases random weapon damage by 2
  • Can attack while camouflaged

[Squad Designated Marksman] Improves Binoculars and Field Camera.

  • Reduces field camera cooldown by 45
  • Level 1 and 2 Binoculars reveal radius increased by 1
  • Level 2 Binoculars  reveal radius increased by 2
  • Binoculars gains 2 charges
  • Binoculars cooldown reduced to 5
  • Binoculars charge cooldown match Binoculars old cooldown
  • Binoculars expire delay increased by 2

High Explosive

[Javelin Gunner] Substantially improves High Explosive Rocket and lowers Backblast.

  • High Explosive Rocket cast time reduce by .2
  • High Explosive Rocket energy cost reduce by 10
  • Backblast damage reduce by 100
  • High Explosive Rocket cooldown reduced by 5


[Platoon Leader] Grants both Born to Lead and Instructor auras and improves the range on Leadership, Born to Lead, and Instructor.

  • Note that you can pick this SI even if you don’t have BL or IS unlocked!
  • Grants both Instructor and Born to Lead SI behaviors
  • Increases radius of Leadership, Born to Lead and Instructor by 7


[Combat Engineer] Allows the usage of M2 Sentry Guns.

  • Security level 2 allows 1 M2 Sentry Gun and unlocks Anti-Air Turret
  • Security level 3 allows 2 M2 Sentry Guns and unlocks MGL Turret
  • Security level 4 allows 3 M2 Sentry Guns and unlocks Railgun

[Cyborg] Improves Charge and Cluster Rockets.

  • Charge energy cost reduced to 0
  • Cluster Rockets gains 2 charges
  • Cluster Rockets cooldown reduced to 5
  • Cluster Rockets charge cooldown match Cluster Rockets old cooldown

Energy Efficient

[Ghost] Reduces energy cost on all Ghost abilities, including special rounds.

  • Energy cost of Disruptor Rounds, Cryo Rounds, and Incendiary Rounds reduced by 0.5
  • Energy cost of Binoculars, Field Camera, Flare Gun, Motion Sensor, Ion Cannon, and Plasma Grenade reduced by 20%
Heavy Artillery

[Fire Support Specialist] Reduces energy cost on Call for fire and generates 1 shell every minute.

  • Call for Fire energy reduced by 15
  • Gain 1 shell every minute


[Commando] Adds fitness and movement speed, improves Self Aid and Field Aid.

  • Reduces energy cost of Perform Self Aid by 30
  • Reduces energy cost of Field Aid by 47
  • Field Aid gains 2 charges
  • Field Aid cooldown reduced to 5
  • Field Aid charge cooldown match Field Aid old cooldown
  • Increases movement speed by .0507
  • Adds 6 Fitness
WaVe Amplifier

[Laser Enforcer] Grants usage of the Wave Amplifier ability.

  • Wave Amplifier increases damage by 12 and range by 5 for 8 seconds
  • Wave Amplifier costs 35 energy and has a cooldown of 20 seconds
  • Has a 10% chance to stun target for 2 seconds


[Specter] Improves Cloak and adds a chance to dodge damage while cloaked.

  • Reduces Specter Cloak energy cost by 20
  • Reduces Specter Cloak cooldown by 10
  • Reduces Specter Cloak’s energy regeneration reduction to 0
  • Gains 15% chance to reduce damage to 0 when attacked
Enhanced Scanners

[Orbital Support Specialist] Improves Orbital Satellite Reconnaissance, Tier 1/Item Scanner, and reduces scan time.

  • Tier 1 and Item Scanner delay reduced by 4
  • Orbital Satellite Reconnaissance gains 2 charges
  • Orbital Satellite Reconnaissance cooldown reduced to 5
  • Orbital Satellite Reconnaissance charge cooldown match Orbital Satellite Reconnaissance old cooldown
  • Item Scanner and Tier 1 Scanner cooldown reduced by 40
  • Item Scanner and Tier 1 Scanner energy reduced by 30

Steel Barrels

[Heavy Gunner] Overheat cooldown speed increased, overheated duration decreased, barrel spin-up time is near-instant, spinning barrels drains less energy.

  • Energy degeneration from barrels spinning reduced from 1.9492 to 1.4492,
  • Overheated duration decreased from 15 to 10
  • Spinning up... duration decreased from 1.25 to 0.25,
  • Time in between removing stacks of overheat when not spinning barrels reduced from 0.75 to 0.5.