The Licker is peculiar zombie that usually spawns in groups of 1-4. Unlike most zombies, its effectiveness at killing soldiers is almost completely dependent on the presence of other zombies. However, it is very effective at helping other zombies kill soldiers, especially when the soldier is alone. The licker is notorious for its ability to immobilize nearby soldiers which is highly likely to result in casualties if the soldier is not assisted immediately. Probably the most despised and annoying unit among the UAC community next to Krill. Lickers may also hatch from a Larva Cocoon that a parasite morphs into.

Engagement & Tactics

If you have played UAC, you should probably know how awful it would be to not be able to move, and this is quite exactly why the licker is so dangerous. A lonely licker is is a useless licker, but always expect them to show up when you don't want them to.When the licker licks a soldier, they also drastically reduce attack along with immobilization, making it much more difficult for a soldier to free itself with regular attacks. This is one of the main reasons that reviving without back up is very risky for a Combat Medic. Combat Medics and other support classes often demand explosives such as the MGL so that they may be able to free themselves from a lick, or eliminate the licker before it becomes a threat. It is advisable for medics and support classes to save 40mm Grenades and other explosives for these dreadful occasions. All High-Damage per second MOS should prioritize killing lickers in most situations because they can easily ruin a kite among other defensive disadvantages, and the Squad Designated Marksman should exercise high priority on spotting and killing Lickers from a distance before they get closer become a threat to the squad.