The Javelin Gunner uses a Rocket Launcher to deal with enemies at Range. He has two different rockets in his Arsenal, that focus on Area of Effect Damage (HE) or Single Target Damage (AT). The “Jav” can help the team deal with the fungus core missions and lessen the pressure on the other classes dealing with it.

Max AT Build

This build aims for a high level AT Rocket in combination with the WK SI to deal huge amounts of Damage to bosses. The one level of HE Rocket can be skipped, but it helps to eliminate packs of smaller zombies when there is no boss around.


1x HE Rocket, 1x Javelin Skills, 1x AT-Rocket 3x Javelin Gunner Skills, 3x AT Rocket, 2x Soldier Skills


  • WK - More Damage with your Rockets

  • EN, IN - helps with your huge energy needs


  • KI - helps with your huge energy needs