The Horror is a large flying zombie that shoots acid at its targets, which create a puddle that slows and deals damage over time. Horrors can also use abduct to pull their target towards them when they have full energy. They typically have a spawn size of one.

Engagement & Tactics

Horrors have only 0.01 less base movement speed than most MOS and can slow in an area with their attacks which make them threatening when other zombies are nearby to surround and potentially kill their prey. However, Horrors are easiest to kill when they are not accompanied by fellow zombies so it is important that DPS classes prioritize firing at faster moving/high damage enemies that accompany the horror before killing the horror itself. Soldiers that kite the horror should be aware of their distance from DPS roles that can help take additional pressure off of the kiter. Kiting horrors can be easier if the kiter uses jump or sprint to avoid the slowing and damaging effects of its acid pool. If a Horror is completely alone, any MOS that is wearing Kevlar Body Armor can effectively tank the horrors attacks and receive insignificant damage from doing so by dropping and then immediately re-equipping the kevlar body armor directly after the Horror attacks. This restores the shields it grants to 50, which is more damage than the horror can deal in one hit. The damage you will take will be from the damage over time of acid pool from the short duration you are not wearing the armor.