Basic Information

As the Ghost you're most likely the person that will do most missions, alone or with parts of the team. The player should be familiar with the class and able to survive on his own.


Ghost Skills:


Plasma Grenade:

Combat Enhancements:

Strategies and builds

Scouting / Mission

This build gets the mission critical stuff first, and focuses later on adding damage to the group. For this we get 3 Levels in Ghost skills, the Flares help with the Bunker and T1 Missions, the Motion Sensor is a valuable asset throughout the game. On level 3 you get the light filter that helps you with the Spy Mission. After the 4 times combat enhancements, we get another two points in Ghost Skills: 1 fore the ISR that pings the RA Snipers and one for the Ion Cannon to clear out T1 during the endgame.


3x Ghost Skills. 4x Combat Enhancements, 2x Ghost Skills, after that go Marksmanship


  • TT, LA - run faster to reach missions quicker
  • SY,SI - compensates your lack of self healing
  • EN - helps to keep up your energy while spamming flares and special ammo


  • IPR, PR-34E, PR-42C, PI - communicate with the OSS who takes what
  • OPA or Kevlar - help you with missions
  • Quick Clot & First Aid Kits - this is important because of your non-existent self healing abilities

DPS / Aggressive roaming

In this build emphasis is put on DPS after 1 point in Ghost skills for invisibility, bino and MS. To take down bosses, alternate quickly using cryo and disruptor rounds: the former slows them, the later reduce their damage and armor. Incendiary is efficient on small zombies, or when on the run.


1 Ghost skills, 3 combat enhancement, max marksmanship, max combat enhancement, max ghost skills


  • EE: A must have else you will run out of energy pretty quickly using specialized rounds. Else EN.
  • MA: improved DPS
  • If you


  • PR42-C>IPR>PR34-E
  • PI, Flashlight
  • If main DPS (AR) already have: AA, PA.
  • OPA or Kevlar - help you with missions