Basic Information

The flamethrower is very effective at crowd control and kiting. It is able to incinerate large groups of smaller hostiles with ease and can sustain tremendous damage for a limited time with its shield. The flamethrower cannot reload or jam and has an ammo capacity of 2000 rounds.


Soldier Skills: Each level increases Fitness, Dexterity, and Mechanical skills by 2 points(Increases flamethrower damage by 0.48-0.56 per level), but has no effect on reload or unjam time considering the flamethrower does not reload or jam.

Napalm: Increases damage and initial damage to armored and adds (10,20,30,40) DPS stacks of napalm to targets hit up to 10 times. If two flamethrowers fire at the same target this effect can stack up to 15 times for a total of 600 DPS.

Plasma Shield: Each level reduces cool-down time and energy cost and increases life armor, shield armor, shields, and duration of plasma shield.

Fuel Discharge: Deals damage to enemies in a cone shape directed by the flamethrower and briefly restricts movement. Uses fuel as well as energy. Each level decreases energy cost, cool-down time, and fuel cost, and increases damage.

Graviton Charge: Throws a grenade that pulls any non-structure ground unit toward its center. Each level reduces energy cost and cool-down time and increases pull strength, radius and duration.

Strategies and builds

Crowd Control

The crowd control Flamethrower is the ideal build to deal with groups of smaller zombies.


2x Napalm, 4x Fuel Discharge, 3x Napalm Graviton Charge or Soldier Skills after


  • WK


  • M79, Inferno

  • Aim Assist


Napalm gives aoe and is extremely effective against small zombies.

Maxing shield allows you to facetank pretty much anything.


1 napalm, max shield, max graviton OR ss2 then max graviton


  • BR - improves shield duration, gives +400 shield, and lets you have 2 charges of graviton charge

  • IP

  • PU/EN


  • Bio suit/kev

  • energy cells

  • FAK/qc

  • eventually gas compressor, m79, inferno