Basic Information

The Cyborg is a highly mobile and survivable MOS that is very effective at kiting, running missions, and late-game tanking. Cyborgs do not have the ability to sprint, but can use the charge ability instead. Their ability to jump long distances and rifle butt through crowds of non-massive ground enemies allows them to avoid threats that many other roles would not be able to survive. If the cyborg activates meltdown before being killed, it will explode and deal high damage to nearby allies and enemies.





Supressive Fire:

Cluster Rockets:

Strategies and builds

Tank / Kiter

This build basically aims at getting max crit first then stonewall. This makes you a good dps able to go on missions thanks to your stealth and later your improved riflebutt.

Skillbuild: max agi max stealth max str then whatever you prefer. Alternatively if you don’t really care about early dps, agi 1 (for charge) str 3 stealth 3 agi 3 is also good and makes you a good candidate for doing the highlands satchel thanks to improved riflebutt. And if you don’t care about stonewall, max rapid fire instead.

SI: EN - stonewall, cloak and rapid fire consume a lot of energy. MA, LY, VT for improved dps.

Items: SAW || Minigun > MMG AA/AP KI or energy cells if possible bio suit (thanks to your high movespeed the ms penalty is negligible, and the no ailment/+8 armour is good when tanking) FAKs/QC