The carrier is a bulky flying unit with a ranged attack and very slow movement speed. Carriers usually spawn in groups of 1-3, and will spawn zombie, parasite, boomer, mutant, and risen upon death.

Engagement & Tactics

Carriers can be particularly annoying to a kite, for it can slow the kiter down with its caustic goo and can damage soldiers from a distance. It can also compromise fortified positions by damaging bunkers or barricades with its ranged attack followed by the boomer that it spawns on death. Focusing attacks on carriers is advised when more serious threats have been handled, and ghosts can easily negate the Carrier's offensive capabilities with disruptor and cryo rounds. Carriers may also generate difficulty during the bunker mission. If they manage to get close to a bunker, their ranged attacks will deal consistent damage to the bunker and the zombies that they spawn on death can destroy it if the combat engineer or DPS classes do not deal with them immediately.