A powerful ranged zombie with fire attacks and an aura that regenerates nearby zombie's life very quickly. Spawns individually and can cast inferno, which deals damage in an area for 20 seconds. Arch Vile may also hatch from a Larva Cocoon that a Parasite has morphed into.

Engagement & Tactics

The Arch Vile deals high damage and can move approximately 0.2 movement speed faster than most MOS can. This makes it very threatening for individual soldiers trying to flee the arch vile. It has the ability to regenerate nearby zombie's life and cast inferno on groups of soldiers, which make it very effective at supporting zombie pushes on fortified defensive positions. Soldiers who are caught in the inferno should immediately fall back before it burns them to death. Concentrating firepower on the arch vile is one of the most effective ways of killing them as well as explosive traps and rockets. 40mm Grenades and Fragmentation Grendes cannot kill the arch vile immediately due to its above-average life capacity, which may expose the user to its weapon range, making them less effective at eliminating arch vile than the other colored creeper variants(Licker, Wraith, Leaper). The Squad Designated Marksman should try to spot and kill the Arch Vile from a distance before it reaches the squad and becomes a threat. It is also important to note that while you should only expect one of these at a time, it is possible for larger groups of them to be present if groups of Parasites manage to drain enough energy from soldiers attempting to restore generators on the Generator Mission.